Who are our ideal clients?

The most successful businesses in any profession have a clear idea of the types of clients they work best with, along with a firm understanding of where they can add the most value.

Here at Fortitude we’ve recently undertaken research and analysis to determine our ‘ideal client avatar‘. We have a lot of clients who fit this profile, each with similar needs, values and characteristics. Given all of our recent work on this initiative, we thought we would share our ideal client profile with you on our blog.

We’ve decided to call our avatars “Freddie” and “Felicity.” Freddie and Felicity are concerned about their finances and what the future might hold. They recognise the benefits of taking (and acting upon) financial advice. Over the years they have built up various investable assets. They are looking for the support of an expert to provide clarity on what they can achieve with their money. They would like to understand their options and gain a clear picture of their wider financial position, in order to regain control of their finances – and their future.

Achieving a “Life/Life” balance™ where they can do the things they enjoy today, without compromising their future lifestyle, is the ideal situation for Freddie and Felicity. In order to achieve a “Life/Life” balance™ they need clarity on their financial circumstances, their future goals and ambitions, and the resources they will need in order to achieve them.

Freddie and Felicity would like to work with a team who will take time to understand their current position and what they are trying to achieve, that can support them in co-ordinating and planning their financial future. They want a Financial Planner who will explain the various options available to them, allowing them the time to make decisions and consider the implications without feeling rushed to take action.

Freddie and Felicity will benefit from working with a team that can help them manage everything quickly and efficiently. A trusted adviser to help them make educated decisions, provide a clear idea of the actions that they need to take – as well as the compromises they might need to make in order to achieve their goals.

Most importantly, Freddie and Felicity are hoping to secure peace of mind. By working with a trusted adviser they can look forward to a future without confusion and worry.

Does this sound like you? If so, please get in touch with the team at Fortitude Financial Planning. We would be happy to show you how you can achieve a “Life/Life” balance™. Make the most of where you are today – without compromising your lifestyle tomorrow.